Hello, I'm Kim dos Santos

Well, actually I’m Kim Rebelo Oliveira dos Santos. But try typing that.


Most of my work has been made in my role as a designer in the Employer Brand team at Booking.com. This collection features some of the UX design work I've done, as well as branding campaigns and illustrations.

Events page

Event pages


Application Page

Job application page


Candidate communication

Candidate Communication

Email template design

Planet Booking

Planet Booking

Booking.com Employer Brand





Europride 2016

Celebrating diversity

About me

Kim wearing a Stormtrooper suit


Good food, Strong coffee, Scottish Whisky, Dutch/Portuguese, Photography, Sketching, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Waits, Boardgames, Psychology, Design, Branding, Jes, Sam.

Born and bred in Amsterdam, my journey has taken me from studying Psychology to my career in recruitment and employer branding.

Understanding and enabling people to reach their goals has always been one of my main drives. Even as a recruiter I set myself apart by having a genuine interest in candidates, and that’s true for me as a designer too.

As a UX designer I bring a desire to understand the user, the ability to connect with them and skills to build for them.