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The employer brand of a company is not just propagated through clever targeted ads and videos, it’s built every time a candidate interacts with the company. The moment a potential candidate converts into an actual candidate by applying for a role, a direct communication flow starts. The experience during this series of interactions will strongly impact the candidate experience and in turn the perception of a candidate about the company as a place to work.

Looking to improve the candidate experience, our team started to take a look at the email communication that takes place between candidates and recruiters.


We conducted interviews with recruiters and recruitment coordinators from different teams to map out the interview process and candidate communication flow. All this information was distilled into one big chart that would help to identify both common steps and specific needs for different roles and candidate situations. We also did a round of competitor analysis.

Based on our research, we identified several focus areas. For the sake of the scope of this portfolio example and because some information might be sensitive to disclose, I will only focus on a small portion of our approach: redesigning our email templates.


The research led to two main insights:

Based on these insights we moved to create a flexible email template that could be adapted to specific needs of our recruiters in all steps of the process. To increase the value of the emails for our candidates, we want to incorporate extra content relevant to the step of the process they are in.

We made a content proposal for each of the possible candidate experience, with corresponding wireframes. We reviewed these wireframes with the recruitment team.

The wireframes were converted into four different templates. Enlisting the help of our tech designers, these were coded into functional email templates, who are now waiting to be integrated into our recruitment system

Email design wireframes

One of the email wireframes.

Basic email template mockup

The basic email template mockup.

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