Celebrating diversity at


As a sponsor of Amsterdam EuroPride 2016, showed its commitment to a world where all people, including employees, are encouraged to embrace a broad spectrum of diversity.

Our team was responsible for messaging and design surrounding the event. I designed our boat, and prepared offline and social media campaigns.

Europride parade

Celebrating diversity. Photo shot during the parade.

Offline exposure

We ran several print ads in magazines and had tall outdoor ads on 8 high-traffic areas in the city center of Amsterdam. I was responsible for this ad design. outdoor ad outdoor ad in front of the Amsterdam City Hall

Social Media

Taking a storytelling approach we highlighted inspiring personal stories from employees in our LGBT community on our social media channels. I connected with our LGBT community, collecting stories and shooting portraits.

The posts became our most succesfull social media campain at the time. social campaign

One of the stories and the response it received.

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