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Organizing and attending recruitment events is an important way of meeting new candidates and building awareness about Booking.com for our recruitment team. Last year alone we attended about 54 events all over the world. Recruiters have developed a new approach to events, proactively organizing meetups, hackathons and open days. This new approach created the need for a platform to share information about events. So we set out to build a new events module on our career page.

Event overview page

The event overview page.


The first problem we needed to solve is that candidates needed to be able to find our events and get an overview of our events. An old (de-activated) event module on our site showed a calendar with a list of events below it, but no way to apply additional filtering.

The second problem was that we weren’t able to communicate and promote the events we were organizing. For big events, like Hackathons, we would need to enlist the help of a UX designer or front end developer to build us a custom page that we could promote. We could only do this for the highest impact events, so this was not a scalable solution.

The third problem was that on the old events module, we could only display the event location and a small description. This limited its use to attendees who want more information to make a decision if they should attend an event or not.


To solve these problems we created three new pages.

1. The Event overview page

This page was created to give candidates an overview of all upcoming events that we’re attending. We continued with the card based design of the job application page, with the dates being featured prominently. Brightly colored tags make it easy to distinguish different types of events.

To make it easier for visitors to select relevant events for them, we decided to apply a filtering system into the event page. One issue we faced is what to do with past events. We still wanted them to be accessible, but not on the main overview. We chose to opt for a toggle, where visitors could switch between upcoming and past events.

Event landing page

The event landing page.

2. The Event landing page

The event landing page design was made to be consistent with the job application page. Different types of events needs to communicate different types of information, so a system of flexible information blocks was created that could be switched on or off based on the event. This way we could include sign-up buttons, speaker list or schedules when needed.

schedule content block

The event schedule content block.

speakers content block

The speakers content block.

3. The Event sign up form

Some events require participants to sign up in advance. This form was designed to allow candidates to submit their information to us. The design of the form was kept as clean as possible, with square input fields and buttons, consistent with the event overview page.

video block

The sign up form.

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