Planet Booking Employer Brand

Before 2015 had no real consistent Employer Brand, or an identity and strategy behind it. When the Employer Brand team was formed that summer, task one was to find that brand, and design a visual identity to go with it. After many interviews, we discovered the core of our identity, and chose “Planet Booking” as our brand concept. I was tasked with creating the visual identity for Planet Booking.

One of the biggest challenges was to develop a style that would appeal to a vastly diverse audience. We landed on three main elements, we would use some for specific audiences, while others would be used for all.

Planet Booking line art

Planet Booking line art style.

Line art

Using space-themed line art I created a visual library of elements to be used together or individually. These were meant to use for our Tech audience, and for internal communication purposes. This style was later complemented by a more illustrative style with flat colors.

Planet Booking line art

Planet Booking line in print and digital use.

Search box

This would be a universal element in most of our visuals, serving as a connection to our product and a call to action.

Search Box

The Search box as a call to action.

Big photo, big copy

This style was used for office roles and customer service target audiences. We would use photography to show offices and employees, or travel related imagery.

Big copy

White text over photography.


We adopted the yellow from the search bar and used it in different ways in our visuals. Yellow is a color that captures attention more than other colors. It’s also a vibrant and energetic color, making it very suitable for our purposes.

Most header images on our career site or print materials would be underlined by a yellow border, and we’d use yellow icons.

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